Just a Little Nip and Tuck Makes the Outfit....

I've read it so many times, "The only way to make your clothes fit perfectly is to have them tailored." I can see why that makes sense, but I don't have time for that, and it costs money and where should I go? And when I do decide to have something mended, I inevitably find it in the boot of my car 8 months later...by which time I don't even like it anymore. Oops. 

Why You Should Get Your clothes altered


Enter this green skirt. I saw it on the Dressing Up Buy/Sell page and just had to have it. I love the shape and it's bright green! Very Mindy Lahiri (if you don't know who that is go and Google it immediately - she's my style crush!)

It's originally from David Lawrence and the seller wanted $25 for it, but it was a size big for me. "I know!" I thought. "I'll have it altered..." And I actually did. Otherwise this would be a really short blog post, right?! For $40 my favourite local tailor took the waistband and the lining in an inch, to make it a size 16 and shortened the hem, because I'm a hussy who likes my legs. 


A typical skirt of this shape from David Lawrence is between $130 - $180. I paid $65 total and mine fits like glove, so I'd say I'm a quids in. 

I'd love to hear your experiences about having your clothes altered, any dream outfits created? Or maybe you are very handy with sewing machine yourself (jealous!)

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