The Unstylables - High Waisted Shorts

So here is a fun new little blog series, I am collecting pieces from readers that they are having trouble styling and giving it a whirl myself!

These shorts are from Forever 21 and came from a wardrobe edit I did with a client. "What do I wear with these? Here, you take them!" And take them I did.

I think often when we have trouble putting outfits together it is because we are trying too hard - if you are working with a fussy piece (very printed or detailed) just choose something very simple to go with it. The easiest way to do this is my mixing it with a neutral in the same base colour. Here I am working with navy.

So I kept it simple. I tucked in a soft navy tee - there isn't much point having a detailed high waist and pockets if you're not going to show them off - and added silver accessories to match back with the buttons. I could have added a third colour like green or red, maybe in a cropped cardigan, but I thought it was going too vintage and I might be mistaken for for someone tap dancing...on a a musical.

I added a low heel to to give me a little length and the silver straps draw the eye to my ankles (that's the trick, draw the eye to the parts you like the most!)

My lower tummy is the part of me I am most conscious about so tight stripy high waisted shorts was a push, but I'm all about pushing my style boundaries, and guess what? Even if I cover up my tummy with loads of layers of fabric, it is STILL there! Nothing a big confident smile won't fix :D 

So what do you think, did I make these shorts wearable? Have an item you'd like me to style? Take a photo of it and email it to or you can send it to me if you'd prefer.

Happy styling!

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