Will Knowing Your Body Shape Actually Help You Shop?

dressing for your body shape

I just had the most adorable email from a reader (Hi Rona!) wanting to know if she should buy the Dressing Up Workbook, and if it would help her find her body shape, and therefore teach her what she should wear. No, it won't help you identify a generic body type, yes it will definitely help you discover what you love to wear and help you make a plan about what to buy. 

Let me explain...

The problem with the 'body shape' theory is that it assumes we all fit into about 5 different shapes (depending what you are googling!) It also some times assumes we are fruit. You're could be an apple, a pear, a column, a triangle...and so on, and you should choose clothes that help you balance your body. 

This theory assumes two things. 1 that we all fit this mould, and 2 that we want our bodies to look other than they do. My body should fit in the 'apple' category - I carry my weight in my tummy but have slimmer arms and legs. Hang on, I have a really broad back though...so shouldn't I be a triangle? So now what do I buy?! Argh! The humanity! Oh yes and that other point about wanting your body to look different than it does? It's guides like this that have made us think that way in the first place and it's rubbish. Your body is a vessel full of your hopes and dreams to help you live the most awesome life possible, and you don't have time to berate and prod it because you are too busy out there being awesome - you have bigger fish to fry! 

I hope that clears that up :)

I want to appreciate and dress the body I have, so my focus is on clothing that is comfortable, made of quality fabric and fits like a glove. Anything that squeezes or pinches or rides up or is a size small is not going to make me feel my best, and as I said, we have better things to worry about! 

The Dressing Up Workbook will help you to:

  • Organise your wardrobe like a pro
  • Never say ‘I have nothing to wear!’ again
  • Gain confidence in your body and your personal style
  • Get the Wardrobe you want for the budget you have
  • Look at the clothes you already own in a whole new way
  • Use over 20 pages of printable worksheets ensure that you put your style plan into action!

But it won't tell you that you are shaped like a sausage, so not to worry ;) Buy yours here - I am so confident you will find it useful that if you don't, I'll give you your money back. 

I like to save my pennies and buy really quality pieces that last, that feel luxurious and that will forgive me if I'm bloated or my weight is up and down. And as you may know on May 1st, I'm opening Dressing Room, selling designer clothing in sizes 12-24. The clothes that love you just as much as you love them! Click through to the Facebook page and click 'sign up' to be first in line to shop our designer and exclusive pieces. 

Meagan Kerr wrote a brilliant post about shopping for your shape this week, check it out here and let her know what you think! 

Dressing Up - Because YOU are the special occasion!