Bright Hair - A 'How To' Guide. Plus WIN a Mini Makeover!

I LOVE having bright hair. Going pink increased my confidence levels and helped me further develop my personal style (I'm still working on it of course!) These days going to the hairdresser is such a treat, a relaxing time to hang out with likeminded ladies and get pampered. As much as I love my bright hair it's not the easiest to maintain, so I asked my hair stylist, Alice, to give us a 'how to' guide if you're thinking of joining the bright side.  


Alice Francis is the owner and head stylist at ‘Wonderland Hair and Beauty’ in Northcote Point, Auckland. Alice’s passion is achieving a look that makes her clients feel fantastic, but that they can easily maintain. Alice is an expert at keeping hair in top condition and has been working in the industry for over 20 years. She is also MY hair stylist – lucky me!

Maintaining your hair colour

Bright colours are not as easy to upkeep as a usual colour. Be prepared that to keep it fresh, you may need to have it redone every 5-6 weeks. Not ideal if you are short on time or money.

Getting the Colour You Want

You may need to pre-lighten your hair to get the effect you want for any level of intensity, especially for dark hair. Bleaching is permanent even though the colours themselves are semi permanent. Take a picture of the colour you envision to your hair stylist to make sure you are on the same page. Ask your hair stylist about their experience with bright colours, they can be tricky to get right.

Keeping Your Hair in Good Condition

Lightening your hair will compromise the condition, therefore to ensure your colours longevity use professionally recommended after care products tailor made to your hair type and colour. 

My clients ask me all the time what the difference is between supermarket products and a professional product (sold in salons). The reality is, many brands are actually created by the same manufacturer. For example, L’Oreal own both Garnier and Kerastase – which they sell at different ends of the pricing scale. The main difference between them is technology. As new research is completed, the newest products make it into salons first and are made of more expensive (high quality) ingredients. You will have seen ads on TV about supermarket products being used in salons, those products would have been in salons 10 years ago and the technology has since advanced. There have been countless tests done that show people who use professional products often use less of it because of the cost. If you buy a $40 shampoo it lasts you 3 months, but when you use cheaper products you don't use them as sparingly (and no one minds if the kids spray them everywhere) so you end up buying one every few weeks. The money spent can work out the same, but your hair will be in much better condition.

Choosing A Colour

Anyone can suit any hair colour (don't let anyone tell you you can't have purple if you want it!), it’s just about tailor making the shade to suit your skin tone. Choose a colour you love and get a hairdresser to adapt the colour to suit you. 

Don't love it? Don't panic! Spend some time with it to see if you get used to it, and worse case scenario, you can just change it back! Hair is a fashion accessory, have fun with it and take risks.  


Wonderland Hair and Beauty are passionate about making women feel great and are giving 10 Dressing Up readers (YES 10!!!) a salon experience to remember! Winner's will receive:

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- A blow wave
- A colour consultation (in case you want to come back and go bright perhaps?!) 
- A full face of makeup for a night out

This will be completed at Wonderland Hair and Beauty in Northcote Point, Auckland - please make sure you can get there before entering. 

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