Shopping Round Up - May

I'm not going to lie, sharing everything I have bought this month is a little confronting - because truth be told, it's a LOT. We've been saving for a long time and I've been trying to be frugal, but now the weather has changed, it's colder and my winter wardrobe was sadly lacking. Also I've been feeling a bit 'meh', and James told me my 'depression was stinking out the place' (lol!) and sent me on a shopping trip, what a lovely husband! To be fair I had been standing in the wardrobe for about 20 minutes howling by that point. It happens to the best of us, right?! 

May has been my month for basics. I have lots of lovely bright coats but I am short on separates, so I've been shopping for easy wear easy care separates to get me through the colder weather and allow me to chase the babies in style!

Striped Pyjama T-Shirt $89.90 Sizes XXS-XXL, from Trenery
Spot Pajama Pant $89.90, Sizes XXS-XXL, from Trenery

I LOVE great pyjamas, not just cute ones but super practical easy care pyjamas that hug you. I bought a great Country Road pair just after I had Willow (4 years ago!!!) that I have worn pretty much everyday since, so it really was time for an upgrade! Being the rebel I am, I bought the spotty pants and used my powers of print mixing to pair them with the stripy top. These were my Mother's Day present - thanks kids! And I couldn't have asked for a better one. They are pretty expensive as far as PJ's go, $89.90 for the top and the same again for the pants, but I wanted a great pair that will last (and they had 25% off!) I bought the XL (and I'm a pretty standard size 16).

Indigo Slim Jean, $149 (now $111.75 on sale - doh!) Sizes 4-18 from Trenery
Sun Setter Untight Tight, $139, Sizes 8-16 from Lululemon

I hate buying pants. I have slim(ish) legs and an untoned two C-sections and chocolate tummy so fitting pants is not easy. I love you belly, you've been good to me!

So when I went out jeans shopping the other day, I did not expect to so easily find these little gems! 'The Indigo Slim Jean' are the perfect length for my legs (I'm 5ft 6 with long legs and a short torso), they button up nice and flat over my tummy and are the perfect winter blue. The fabric has just the right amount of stretch and are not too skinny at the ankle. I want them in every colour - I am wearing them right now in fact!  I bought the size 14 and I am usually a 16 in jeans. 

Last season I bought three pairs of the 'Jet Crop Slim' pants from Lulu Lemon and they became a wardrobe staple. for winter I wanted something that felt like a legging but looked like a pant. Pants I can lounge in but still dash down to Kindy to get Willow without feeling sloppy. The 'Sun Setter Untight Tight' fit the bill perfectly, I bought the size 12 (which is a NZ 16), give me a high  flat waistband any day! Comfort at it's best. 

Betty Basic Reversible Pencil Skirt $35, Sizes 8-16, Cait&Co
Denim Jacket, $79, Sizes 8-16, Cait&Co

The wonderful Caitlin Taylor from Chasing Cait - Style Coach, has just released her winter collection at Cait&Co. Cait and I had a coffee this morning and our conversation went much like this;

Cait: Monique, you will love this denim jacket, it's the best fit.
Me: I'm not a huge denim jacket fan, they're just so casual...I've never owned one!
Cait: Trust me, you'll love this one.
Me: Hmmm....
Text from me to Cait this afternoon: OMG I LOVE THIS JACKET! Please charge my credit card...oh, and can I have that skirt too!?

I guess that's why she's a stylist right?! I bought the size 16 and am looking forward to doing the denim and sequin thing. Well, I need to dress it up somehow! The stripy skirt is only $35 AND it's reversible! One side is plain black and the reverse is black with white stripes. I bought the 16 and its roomy, and very waist friendly - no digging in. I'll be styling it with my denim jacket and ankle boots. It has to be the bargain of the season! 

Guiseppe Ankle Boot, $289.95, Sizes 36-41, Merchant 1948

Last week, I posted my Boot Diaries, talking bout all the different ankle boots I was considering buying - check out my choices here. Well, I finally found them! These boots have everything I want, they sit at the perfect place on my ankle, the elastic gusset make them super comfy and they have a bit of 'something extra' with the texture on the front. Also they have a 6cm heel which is the height I look for for everyday wear. These look far nicer on than in the picture, but they look stunning on. I will be styling them on Instagram next week so come and follow along!

So as you can see, I have filled some huge holes in my wardrobe this month, and I'll be styling these pieces on the blog very soon - with bright colours and jewels of course! 

I'd love to hear about the basics you've been buying this month! I'll be posting my June wish list in a couple of weeks ;) 

Happy shopping!

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