The Boot Diaries

It's a hard road finding the perfect boot! I started looking for some new ankle boots about 2 months ago, and I finally bought something! Let's delve into my boot diaries shall we? 

The Jerry Leather Chelsea Boot, by Beau Coops at the Iconic $369*

I started with the Jerry boot. The elastic gusset makes them so easy to get in to, and the metallic gives them that designer edge. For $369, I feel like I would wear these for years to come, but a couple of my friends have them already (and they are at the very top of what I want to pay right now) so I thought I'd keep looking for awhile.

Kalocsai Boot from Gorman, $249 on sale.

Being the queen on all things embellished (give me some sequins!!!) these are the boots of my dreams - with only one problem. I already have a pair of ankle boots in this exact colour. I really need black ones, metallic ones and probably some over the knee boots (okay need is a relative term...) what I DON'T need, is more brown ones. Whyyyyyyyyyyy didn't they make them in black! So I haven't purchased these, but I still have a horrible feeling I will regret it for life. 

Martina Boot by Sol Sana at The Iconic $229*

For the last 4 years I have been rocking a pair of gold Kathryn Wilson boots that just this season are dying, so I thought perhaps I could replace them with another metallic. I'm just not 100% sure about the shape of these ones, they remind me a bit of the Femme-Bots in Austin Powers!

Trish Boot by Kathryn Wilson $329

These boots are cut from the same last as my gold ones so I knew they'd be a great shape for my foot, and I love the velvet! I went and tried them on and the bells didn't ring, so I left to think about it...I'm still thinking.

Stad Leather Boot by Elk, $172AUD on sale ($186NZD) 

Elk are an Australian brand well known for their luxurious leather accessories. My friend Ali pointed me towards these ankle boots (you think I'm a bad shopping influence - you should meet Ali!), which come in 3 colours. I love the wedge heel and they look like the perfect 'knock around' boots. Which for me usually means dashing from place to place at high speed. I decided to grab them in black and at this price I can still think about getting a flashy pair at some point too (maybe one of the above?). I'll let you know how they are when they arrive! 

I'd love to hear all about the boots you have been buying for winter! As I said, I still have a few pairs to go....

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