My Bedroom Makeover , Part 1 - So What's the Problem?

We moved into our house when I was 7 months pregnant with Willow and renovated immediately - that's what you do during big life changing events, right ladies?! 

And every room got a spruce up if not a total makeover - except our bedroom. It was pretty inoffensive, so we just decided to leave it while we got through having a newborn. Then we ran out of money...and had a second know where I'm going with this! So now Willow is 4 and Florence is 2, and I am seriously needing some sanctuary. And this cream room with zero space is just not doing it. Oh how I love a makeover! 

So what's wrong with it?

- It's super small, but the bed is huge.
- The wardrobe doors swing open into the middle of the room and you can almost get stuck between them and the bed. Not petite little ME you understand, just....people. 
- We are lacking in storage and the bedside tables are tiny and no use at all. They leave a big gap next to the bed so that space is wasted.
- There is no real style or decor to speak of, just things that fit in the space.
- The drawers we do have are too shallow
- It lacks character.
- The light looks like track lighting in an office, it's very dim and throws yellow.
- Mouldy cracked paint on the windowsill, yuck! The whole thing needs a skim and paint. 
- The very enormous bed needs repairing, one of the posts is broken so we really have a two poster bed right now! We're just going to sell it and get something that fits the scale of the room. 

And what's right?

- I LOVE the bay window but it's hidden behind the drawers, I'd like to make a feature of it somehow. 
- The duvet cover is cool (it has ball fringe!!!) However we've had it for years and it's faded on one side.
- I have a jewellery cabinet that I really like, it has a mirror on the front and hides all my sparkles from my girls, who like to parade around the house in them! 
- The wardrobe is a decent size and has a proper organiser in it - would be much more functional with bifold doors.
- The carpet is in good condition and completely inoffensive. 

So I am having many inspired thoughts and have started creating Pinterest boards like mad. You can follow me on Pinterest here to see what I am scoping out! And as I buy things I will be sharing them on Insta stories on Instagram and showing you around the room (and probably taking you furniture shopping!). Feel free to join me here.

I couldn't sleep last night I had so many ideas, ( I stayed up crying over episodes of 'One born Every Minute' instead!) so I thought I had better get this post series going! I may have already bought some new furniture, but I will tell you about that as soon as it arrives - right now I have to head off and work on selling the old stuff so we have space to put it! 

Throw ALL of your ideas at me, I can't wait to get started! This room will be tiny but mighty :D