How to Look 'Put Together' in One Easy Step!

You know those women who always look like they thoughtfully bought their entire outfit at once because it looks so perfectly put together? 

Well here it is, the one easy step I use to pull my outfits together! Are you ready...?!

Repeat one of the colours you are wearing in another part of your outfit.

Yup, that's it! In outfit one I have matched some of the tan tones in the flower of my tunic with my boots. In outfit 2 there is pale pink in the flowers on my dress and boots. And in picture three I am wearing pink in my necklace and pink shoes. The pinks don't need to match, they just need to be a similar colour, for example matching silver and grey, they're not the same exactly, but the similar tone makes it work! 

Outfit 1: Ezibuy jacket, Ted Baker top (it's actually a swim cover up!) Chocolat leggings and Mi Piaci boots - all from previous seasons.
Outfit 2: Chocolat jacket, Country Road scarf, Urban Precinct tunic and Chaos and Harmony Boots - all from previous seasons.
Outfit 3: Obi 'Go To Blazer' from Dressing Room, Witchery Tee (similar here), Trenery Jeans, Gorman sneakers (still in store) and Lovisa Necklace. 

Easy right? Want to give it a go?

Dressing Up - Because YOU are the special occasion.