But I Don't Know What to Wear! Now You Do...

I don't know about you, but for me, getting dressed isn’t always easy. I have been known to stand in the wardrobe for half an hour in my undies just staring at my clothes, waiting for inspiration to strike.

When it comes to packing for a trip, I’m even worse. Packing has been known to take me DAYS and then I usually don’t end up wearing any of it anyway.

BUT, since I started Dressing Up, I have developed a tried and true strategy – one of the wardrobe strategies I have written about in my ebook.

When I find an outfit I feel good in, I take a picture of it and save it in my phone, or print it out and stick it inside my wardrobe door. Okay truth be told usually I make James take a photo of it #instahusband – but for this purpose, taking it in the mirror yourself works too! This will also help you realise what's missing in your wardrobe - there is a template in the Dressing Up Style Workbook that will help you record your needs vs wants. Read on for a discount if you haven't got yours yet. 

When I came to pack for Melbourne, it was as easy as scrolling through my photos and picking outfits I thought would both suit the occasion (walking a long way, easy to whip off in changing rooms) and suit the weather. Which unfortunately is supposed to be rainy and bleurgh – I am writing this on the plane!

These are the outfits I picked from the photos on my phone:

I picked 4 outfits in 4 minutes, threw them in my suitcase and voila! Instant holiday wardrobe.

It seems a little weird taking pics of yourself at first (check out my first ever blog posts to see how uncomfortable I was!) but it serves a double purpose. You create a diary of outfits you can refer to when you’re stuck, and you get really used to the way you look, which normalises your appearance. I never look at photos of me anymore and see my ‘flaws’ like I used to. I just see a familiar face. I see me.

Try it and let me know how you get on!

Xxx Monique

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