Be Your Own Shopping Buddy

Want to wear entirely spots? Go for it!

Want to wear entirely spots? Go for it!

Shopping can be tricky sometimes, so we often trust friends and family to tell us what looks great on us. But, we’re all different and like different things, so naturally our opinions don’t always align. Of course we all want to look great, but what’s more important is that you want to FEEL great in your clothes. Show others who you are on the inside, on the outside! Wear your personality! 

Isn’t it the worst when you really love something, but when you put it on your shopping partner goes ‘ick’. They are totally entitled to their opinion, but remember that you have one too, and if you put something on that makes you glow BUY IT. Not everyone is going to like it, and not everyone has to.

The things I choose for myself aren’t the things I expect my friends to choose.

I Love:

-       Sparkles

-       Bright colours

-       Stripes

-       Statement shoes

-       Clothes that are more fitted to my body

-       High waisted skirts and pants

Aaannnd the list goes on.

I avoid:

-       Yellow and orange

-       A lot of black

-       Animal Print

-       Over sized

-       Drop shoulders

-       Grey

-       Super casual

Because these things don't make me happy. If it doesn't give me a lift, I wont wear it. One of my very stylish friends Natalie, is in love with orange and wears a lot of grey, oversized dresses and drop shoulder tops. But you know what? I love them on her, they suit her look and they suit her personality. I don't have to wear it to love it. I also don't think I could convince her to wear a tutu, that's okay too (come ooonnnnnn Nat!) 

Often when I shop with friends I have them pick things out for me, to push me outside my comfort zone. Sometimes I find a new style I love and never would have picked for myself.

I am not afraid to try on a yellow oversized drop shoulder sack, just in case ;) Never say never!

Need help? The Dressing Up Style Workbook will help you to define what you love, what you want to wear and what suits your lifestyle. It will also wrap you in a blanket of self love! Book a wardrobe edit with me and together we'll find those wonderful outfits you never knew you owned and compile a shopping list so you know what to buy next.

Who do you like to go shopping with?

Dressing Up - Because YOU are the special occasion! 


Xxx Monique