Fashion Week Starts Today!

Fshion week last year.png

Today is the first day of fashion week for me, I’m off to see the Andrea Moore show this afternoon and I’m so looking forward to it! I will also get to see some of my lovely friends like Cait, from Chasing Cait Style Coach, and lots of people that I don't know who are insta famous! It’s so strange to see all the people you follow on Instagram in one room, sometimes you don't even recognise them, and other times you get chatting like you know them from somewhere (high School maybe?) and it turns out you just stalk them online – oops.

It’s a funny thing being an inbetweenie at fashion week. A lot of the clothing brands don't even fit me as a bigger size 16, and I remember last year worrying I was going to feel like an imposter around all of the ‘fashion people’. But you know what? Everyone feels that way! I just wear my personality and focus on being inspired by the fashion and thinking up looks for my styling clients. I really do love it! I believe the fashion landscape is changing and designers are starting to work out who their customers are (um it’s us, and we have hips FYI!)

This year Lost and Led Astray is showing, which is a high end Kiwi Plus Size brand, and I’m so excited to see what designer Sarah Jane Duff has in store for us! I’m also off to see Kathryn Wilson tomorrow (amazing shoe brand) and the NZ Weddings Show which is always a treat. Although I have been know to cry when the flower girls come out, so precious!

If you want to see what I am up to over the next few days, come and follow me on Instagram, I will be posting insta stories as often as I can remember to! I like to take you with me everywhere of course ;) And I'll be sharing my outfit pics - crucial!

See you on Instagram! 


xxx Monique