'Own Your Style' Group

'Own Your Style' Group


Are you ready to find a style that's all your own and wear your personality?

This is the first ever season of 'Own Your Style', join me now as a foundation member and help me to build a style community that grows your confidence, builds friendships and teaches the art of showing up for your life (and look fabulous doing it!) Learn about new season trends and how to style them with clothes you already own. We'll cover what to buy, where to buy it and how to style it while giving you an injection of body positivity and self confidence to develop a style that's all your own. 

How did this come about?

As a stylist, I love working with women to find a style that makes them feel like they can face the world as the most confident version of themselves. Often what my clients need is one-on-one, over time - to send me pictures of new outfits, and ask questions about new season styles, or just know where on earth to buy the best black pants in their size!  I opened the 'Own Your Style' group to help you push you style choices, build your confidence in what to wear and to give you a reassuring voice when you just need an opinion. I'm like your far more objective best shopping friend ;) Throw in some new season trends and suggestions about where to buy these clothes that actually fit you, and you have a recipe for style and the confidence that comes with it. I don't want you to be a better you, I want you to show us the REAL you, from the inside out. Following the Autumn Style Guide Workbook will mean you learn a new style trick every week, and that you have the tools to continue to build your look at the summation of the course. 

- An amazing community of inspirational like minded women who are working on owning their style and harnessing the confidence that comes with it

- A seasonal style workbook to help you build your style confidence and help you achieve your style goals, ticking off a new goal each week. 

- Membership to the 'Own Your Style' Facebook group 

- Daily access to stylist Monique Doy, for any style/shopping questions you have and loads of fun fashion ideas.

- Exclusive weekly live videos with Monique stepping you through a new facet of your style every week.

- 15% off shopping trips/wardrobe edits with Monique


$149 for 6 weeks (introductory price) 


Join Us!