Dressing Up - A Style Workbook


Imagine if you looked in the wardrobe and felt excited to get dressed each day!

I get it, looking and feeling put-together is not always easy – and it can take way too much time. 2017 is the year to find your inner stylist and present a confident you every day! 

NZ in-betweenie and plus size blogger Monique Doy brings you a Style Workbook full of resources to help you live your most stylish year yet. A 58 page, easy to follow guide of ‘how to’s’ for women of all shapes and sizes worldwide.

The Dressing Up Style Workbook
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The Dressing Up Style Workbook
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What's Inside -

Style issue 1: I don’t have enough clothes 

Style issue 2: I have lots of clothes but I get overwhelmed and end up wearing the same things over and over again

Style issue 3: I don't feel confident in my body or my style

Style issue 4: Shopping is a minefield! 

Style issue 5: I am working with a small budget

Style issue 6: I am short on time 

Bonus section: Tips of the Trade and extra printables – tools you can use right now!

This book will help you to -

  • Organise your wardrobe like a pro
  • Never say ‘I have nothing to wear!’ again
  • Gain confidence in your body and your personal style
  • Get the Wardrobe you want for the budget you have
  • Look at the clothes you already own in a whole new way
  • Use over 20 pages of printable worksheets ensure that you put your style plan into action!

Learn how to choose clothes that bring you joy and show your personality on the outside to create a more confident you! Forget what you 'should' wear - what do you REALLY want to wear?



What my readers have to say


"Sometimes, admitting you need wardrobe help is like admitting you haven’t got your shit together. You yearn for a friend to sit with you and help you sort out your clothes, find the things that work and make it all simple. But if you are like me, you may not want them to see what your bedroom looks like! Monique from Dressing Up has written an e-book that brings all her warmth and loveliness right into your bedroom without her seeing a thing! I found her book to be reassuring, informative and contain practical, achievable steps towards discovering my inner fashion guru. I was so inspired I dove right into my wardrobe to get that beast sorted. I haven’t felt this excited about dressing up in years, and I can do it without even shopping! If you are looking for a way to inject some excitement back into your morning what-shall-I-wear-today routine; buy Monique’s book. It’s worth every cent!"  

- Rachel Cox


 “Ooh, I read your book! Bloody fantastic! I've started your 5 minute makeup routine for my new admin job and started a big wardrobe clear out. I can see I’m lacking basic tops and have too many dresses – and I have finished yet! I started thinking I didn't have enough clothes…and yet I seem to have run out of hangers already…

- Zoe Ann Whatling


 I have just stayed up till 2.30 in the morning reading your book from start to finish! Brilliant read, super helpful tips from a pro. Issue #3 was my favourite, it really spoke to me and my struggle to love my body. It made me want to accept and love my body for all it has done for me. The exercises in this issue are such a helpful tool and a great reminder that body positivity is needed to attain body confidence and self-acceptance. It’s such an easy read with useful and totally achievable advice. Also loving the tips on organising your wardrobe, I feel the need to start sorting!

- Brooke Freeman-Butler


I just finished reading your e-book, can I start by saying that this book is inspiring. It is clever, it is funny, it is inspiring and most of all .. it is real. You relate to so many women that are struggling with their bodies, and their appearances because we are all not those photo shopped models that we see on websites, and on social media. Some of the clothing you have introduced me to has made my wardrobe, and me, look so much better. So I thank you for that. You have also made me appreciate that this body of mine is not perfect, but I can now feel comfortable with what I have, and who I am. Thanks for all that you are doing to make a difference. 

- Nicky Chapman


I have just read the book and love it! The things that stood out for me was its relevance to NZ women (I've read a few style guides now and it's great to hear a refreshing kiwi perspective), it was such an EASY read it flowed perfectly and felt like an encouraging chat with a girlfriend rather than instructions on how to look good and I loved that you've kept in mind that the average woman doesn't have an endless budget so you're suggestions feel practical, achievable and attainable. Congratulations Monique it really is fantastic xx  

Laura Lowe


Dressing Up - Because YOU are the special occasion! 

xxx  Monique