Let's Go Shopping

Going shopping can be hard. From a size 14, our options become limited and trawling through racks of clothes to find something that fits is time consuming and honestly, can make you feel a little deflated! Let's make shopping fun again! I will plan a shopping day for you where the clothes WILL fit and you will leave with a new sense of control over your look. Together we will inject excitement into getting dressed up and make sure you are wearing your personality! 

Lets go shopping for your special event or the pieces you need to complete your wardrobe.
- Pre Questionnaire
- Copy of my ebook
- Coffee and catch up to start, I will then drive you around for the day
- Personal Shopping for your unique needs (2 hours)
- Built in discounts at select stores
- Follow up phone call or email (your choice)

$289.00 for two hours, extra hours at $105 per hour.

Want the works?! Add a wardrobe edit (valued at $269) and pay only $499 total (saving $58).

I am based in Auckland. 

"I've gotten heaps of wear out of almost everything we picked up on our day together. Love all of my shoes and have worn that burgundy secondhand jacket SO MUCH!! Looking forward to wearing my special Trelise dress at the Sky City event on the 7th. But more than just the clothes, I came away from our day together with a new found confidence in myself, my clothes, and fashion decisions in general. So thank you for that!!" - Pamela