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"Monique came and spent the afternoon with me last weekend, as I was completely lost when it came to what to wear most days. I never use to be like this but life had worn me down over the past two years and I had started to hide behind oversized “box tops” and jeans as a sort of uniform. There was no wearing my personality, anything that was bright or colorful was oversized or hung in my wardrobe never to see the light of day. 

Never thought I would feel so bloody marvelous after spending two hours in my wardrobe with someone I had never meet in person, throwing away clothes that I had no idea why I owned them; looked terrible, didn’t fit, or were old and worn. Then there was the experience of finding several stylish outfits from clothes I already owned, I didn’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe to find me again! 

So over this week I have worn some outfits that Monique put together from clothes I already had, which received several lovely compliments. I also went shopping for some basics that I needed to add to my everyday wardrobe, again guided by Monique’s guidelines “fitted tees with real sleeves”. I am enjoying getting up each day and saying ‘which fun outfit will I wear’ NOT ‘oh I have nothing to wear”. Monique has helped me find me again.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed with your wardrobe and not wearing your personality give Monique a call. She is amazing at her job and a truly lovely person."



"I booked a wardrobe edit with Monique in anticipation of starting a new role at work - I wanted to feel more confident in my thoughts/actions and hoped that looking different each day would help me fake that confidence, at least until I'd had enough time to believe I could do the job!

I didn't know what to expect, to be honest - I booked the session and was thrilled but as we got closer, worried about it; would Monique judge my ugly clothes? I had gained weight so some would no longer fit, I didn't have anything 'designer' and there were mouldy, forgotten shoes languishing at the bottom of my wardrobe. I put my big girl panties on, lit some candles, bought treats to bribe her and ensured I had hair and makeup done... but should I have worn Spanx?

Enter Monique - bright, sparkly and the biggest breath of fresh air you've ever met - we began with coffee and some life chat, then moved to my wardrobe. We began by Monique asking me to get out three things I loved and explain why I loved them - so far, so good!

From there we worked our way piece by piece, through everything hanging in my wardrobe. It was fascinating for me to see clothes through Monique's eyes - it wasn't just about the cut, style, fabric, age or condition, though I learned all about that too along the way; it was also about how each piece made me feel and what made me reach for it - or avoid reaching for it. 

We ended up with four corners of the room; sell, donate, 'needs action' and throw away. With the clothes that went back into the wardrobe, Monique helped me see new combinations and styled a few outfits for me, even doing some flat-lays for me with accessories I had, sending me the photos for reference afterwards. Monique also emailed me a list of some essentials to pick up as I had the funds available, and pointers of what to look for ("you need more statement earrings - get shopping!").

I left this session in-love with the clothes I already had, inspired around new ways to wear them and the confidence to bring them together - I'm not gonna lie, the desire to take Monique shopping with me IMMEDIATELY was overwhelming haha. 

Oh, and you know how I worried about wearing Spanx? I needn't have - Monique is the fiercest body-positive warrior I have ever met. Her desire to get me to a place where I am comfortable in my skin, and the clothes that adorn it, moved us both to tears a couple of times!

If you are considering working with Monique don't hesitate, even for a second. You will get more out of it than you expect, or realise.



"There should really be a 10 star review for Monique. I do NOT like shopping as I never find anything I like.... until now! Monique has a gift for very quickly understanding what is wanted, needed, liked and gently pushes to get into trying on things you might not have picked yourself but end up being PERFECT. Absolutely recommend investing in some of Monique's magical insight. Don't wait, she's going to be very busy!”



"One word - fabulous.  Starting a new job in a new industry, I wanted Monique to help me piece together some outfits (without always falling back into the safety of all-black).  She paired items together I would never have thought of and opened my eyes to the fact that I have so many options in my existing wardrobe! "Shopping" in my own wardrobe has never been so much fun!
With a few new statement necklaces (move aside long tassels) and some silver heels (who would have thought they'd be a neutral?!?) I was ready to start a new chapter. With my spring/summer wardrobe sorted, expect a call pre-Autumn/Winter! Thanks so much Monique!!"