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Are you ready to find a style that's all your own and wear your personality?

Attention ladies of style - and the secretly stylish who are ready to show it...

Time to stop drowning in a closet of ill fitting clothes, never say "I have nothing to wear again!"

This is the first ever season of 'Own Your Style'! My name is Monique Doy, I am a stylist specialising in working with women sizes 14+. Join me now as a foundation member and help me to build a style community that grows your confidence, builds friendships and teaches the art of showing up for your life (and look fabulous doing it!) 


If you:

- Don't know what to buy

- Don't know how to style it

- Are working to a budget

- Find your body difficult to dress

- Love fashion and want it to love you back!

- Want to develop a style all of your own

Then 'Own Your Style' is for you! 

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How did this come about?

As a stylist, I love working with women to find a style that makes them feel like they can face the world as the most confident version of themselves. Often what my clients need is one on one over time - to send me pictures of new outfits, and ask questions about new season styles, or just know where on earth to buy the best black pants in their size!  I opened the 'Own Your Style' group to help you push you style choices, build your confidence in what to wear and to give you a reassuring voice when you just need an opinion. I'm like your far more objective best shopping friend ;) Throw in some new season trends and suggestions about where to buy these clothes that actually fit you, and you have a recipe for style and the confidence that comes with it. I don't want you to be a better you, I want you to show us the REAL you, from the inside out. 


$149 for 6 weeks (introductory price) 

But I can't join because...

  • It costs too much
    You are getting 6 weeks with me and can ask unlimited questions - we can speak EVERY day if you like! That money would usually get you one hour of my time or less than half a wardrobe edit! Think of the cost of that autumn item you bought but shouldn't have and will never wear! I could have told you that ;) 
  • I don't feel confident sharing my journey with those I don't know
    Every woman in the 'Own Your Style' group is on the same journey as you, with her body, with her style and with her confidence! I personally know these women and they will offer you not just their style ideas but their shopping tips and support. Numbers will be kept small on this initial course as we all find our feet together! 
  • I don't have time
    You can give as little or as much time to the group as you like, your workbook will outline what we have been talking about each week, so you can work at your own pace.

xxx Monique